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What is iTranslator Premium?

iTranslator premium is an improved version of FREE iTranslator providing a lot of powerful features for premium discord servers. You can find more information about it here:

How to subscribe to iTranslator Premium?

  • Choose your plan (subscribing yearly offer 2 FREE months)
  • Click on "Subscribe", then follow the checkout session
NOTE: You can choose a custom quantity at the moment of checkout knowing more premium plan you take, cheaper is the price.

How to manage my subscription?

NOTE: You can cancel, edit (etc...) your subscription at any time.

How to enable premium for my server/guild?

1) Enable premium for a guild/server

  • Go on your discord server.
  • Run the command /premium enable
  • You are done!

2) Disable premium for a guild/server

  • Go on your discord server
  • Run the command /premium disable
  • You are done!
NOTE: You can specify a guild id to reach a specific server/guild from everywhere (in another server or in private message with iTranslator).

What is the difference between plans? Why would I need multiple iTranslator premium?

All premium plans offer the same quality, same features etc... The difference is in how much guild/server discord you can enable it.