This feature is very important if you use iTranslator a lot and have active moderators.

This feature is very simple. iTranslator keeps track of all the translations on your servers (IT DOES NOT SAVE YOUR TRANSLATIONS IN ANY WAY), it stores the IDs of the original messages sent by your users with all the translated message IDs corresponding to the original messages.

If you enable the automatic deletion system, then when you delete an original message, all the translations associated with that message will also be deleted. This is very useful if you want to moderate your servers easily and do not want to manually delete all the translations associated with "inappropriate" messages.

To toggle this feature, run the command on your server: /autoerase toggle

Length of time IDs are saved to ensure functionality:

Premium: 7 days

Non Premium: 2 days

This feature will only work on translations that have been edited since you enabled it.

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