Find out how to visualise and easily export your translation statistics.



Statistics are very useful to track your usage for both Premium & Free users. Thanks to our system, you can generate graphs in seconds and analyse them using different parameters.

You can change the period over which you view your data, the type of data and export the results to a CSV file.

Data Type

There is actually 2 types of data that can be analysed:

  • TRANSLATED_MESSAGES - Amount of messages processed by iTranslator.

  • TRANSLATED_CHARACTERS - Amount of characters billed by iTranslator.

If you would like us to add any data types, please let us know on our Discord Server.

History Type

The History Type button allows you to change the period over which the data are displayed. If you change this setting, the change will also be applied to the CSV file when you export it.

What is the "specific" command parameter?

We've designed the system so that you can modulate the statistics and get data that's really specific to what you're looking for.

In other words, you can choose the context in which the data are displayed: the whole server, a specific category, a specific channel.

If you leave the parameter blank, then the graph generated will be relative to the data for the whole server, otherwise the data will be relative to the channel or category you have chosen.

Export Data to CSV File

For those who want to analyse the data in their own way, we have developed the statistics system further. You can export the data to a CSV file. It's very simple: use the /stats command, then click on the 'Export to CSV' button, and the file will be generated according to your current settings (which can be changed using the interaction buttons).

CSV Format Example

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