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Improve Translation Accuracy

You may sometimes face a problem when using iTranslator, which is that the translation is not very accurate. So here are some explanations why and how to fix it.

1. Provide a source language

You may have noticed that you can provide iTranslator with a source language, but this is optional. If there is no source language, iTranslator will try to detect the language of the texts itself and then translate it, sometimes it might fail to detect it and thus provide a wrong (or not accurate) translation. So we recommend to specify the source language if possible.

2. Use longer sentences

As explained above. The FREE translation engine can sometimes be inaccurate and sometimes have trouble recognizing the source of your language and then provide an incorrect translation. The problem is that sometimes you can't provide a source language to help, so what you can do is: try to increase the number of characters in your sentence to give iTranslator more information about the languages you actually speak. Note that this will almost never be useful if you have the Premium plan, the Premium translation engine is much more accurate.

3. Subscribe to Premium

Subscribing to iTranslator Premium will make available our new powerful translation engine on your server. This will unlock +79 languages and a much improved translation accuracy for your translations.