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1. Is iTranslator really free?
Yes! You can use iTranslator for free, it contains a character limit but you can reset it very easily in few secondes and still for free. There exist a premium plan which provide more abilities and a better translation service but this is designed for users that need a top tier service or users that just want to support the project.
2. How to reset my characters limit?
There is a quick and easy tutorial right here.
3. In which case would I need iTranslator?
Well, iTranslator can feed a lot of needs!
If you are:
  • A gaming clan/alliance/team leader? You need iTranslator.
  • An enterprise with workers from worldwide? You need iTranslator.
  • A creator wanting to provide a product to everyone? You need iTranslator.
  • A discord server owner of any type of community server (learning, game, chill etc...), the best way is to make everyone able to speak any language easily. You need iTranslator.
It looks essential now to use iTranslator on your discord servers if you want to create a large community and grow your servers faster.
iTranslator can also be used as simple util for quick translation or training yourself as any language directly in discord. Anddd much more...
You think we missed something important? Feel free to send us your suggestion!