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Translation by Flag

Hey! Here we will see how to use the Flag Reaction feature.

Step 1: Enable it

This is very simple just run the command /flagreaction toggle it will enable or disable the feature (be sure it is enabled)

Step 2: Keep the server clean

Some of you will want to keep the server clean, so you will want to make the translated message disapearing after a while, here is how you can do it. Run the command /flagreaction config auto-disappear (delay), the delay is in second. After X second(s), the translated message will be automatically deleted. If you want to disable this feature set the delay to 0.

Step 3: Sending translation in private messages (*Premium only)

Some of you will want to send the translation in private message only and not on your server. This can be done using /flagreaction send-in-pm.

Step 4: That's all

This is all! You can start reacting to any message (which is not too much old) with a flag and it will automatically translate in every languages of the corresponding country.
Need to know: You might want this feature not working in some channels like announcements one to not spam it for example. Just remove the permission of iTranslator to send message in this specific channel and then it will not try to translate in this channel when a user react with a flag.