๐Ÿ“ŠTranslation Limit

When using iTranslator you might face an issue depending of your usage of the translation service which is "LIMIT REACHED". Do not worry, here is 2 solutions to fix this very easily.

Solution 1 (FREE)

First, run the command /checkvote, if you did'nt voted for the bot it will send you a link to top.gg which is a website where a lot of bots are listed. This link will led you to a page where you can vote for iTranslator and so support us by giving us visibility on top.gg! Once you voted, just run the command /checkvote again and your characters will be reset to 0 and you can start using the bot again. Also do not forget that all users can do that for you on your server.

Images to Help

Run the command /checkvote.

Click on "Vote".

Solution 2 (PAID)

This solution is even more simple than the previous one and also make you support iTranslator in a different way. The solution is to simply subscribe to the Premium Plan, so the limit will no longer exist.

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