Configure style & format

You can fully customize the style and formats of the translation, here is how!

1. Configure Style

There is actually 3 styles available: TEXT, EMBED, WEBHOOK.


(Yes, these languages don't have the same source because these screens come from different times)

How to change the style of my Role-Translate configuration?

Just run the command: /translaterole config style

2. Configure Format

Now that you've chosen your style, you'll probably want to change the format of that style - here's how!

Just run the command: /translaterole config format

You will then be redirected to a Modal where you can configure the translation format in detail! Brilliant, isn't it?

We're going to set up an Role-Translate with the EMBED style as a tutorial.

Tutorial with EMBED style as example

1) We run the command

2) It automatically open the configuration modal

3) Fill the fields using variables explained at the end of the page

4) Click 'Submit'

5) Success!

Now that you understand how styles and formats work, you need to use variables in your formats. Variables allow you to insert text dynamically into your formats in order to configure your messages as much as possible.

Variables you can use everywhere in formats



Source language of the translation.


Target language of the translation.


Translated text.


Cost of the translation (in billing).


Content of the original message.


Mention of the source channel.


Name of the source channel.


Mention of the message author.


Effective name of the message author.


URL of the message author's avatar.


Mention of the server member (if available).


Effective name of the server member (if available).


URL of the server member's avatar (if available).


Total number of members in the server.


Number of server boosts.


Server boost level.


URL of the server icon.


URL of the server banner.


Total number of channels in the server.


Total number of roles in the server.


Mention of the server owner (if available).

Could a missing variable be useful? Don't hesitate to ask us to add it to our Discord Support!

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